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    herbal essentials

Colds & Flu Oil Blend .5 oz.
by California Baby

Blend is an excellent alternative to help relieve congestion naturally without the side effects associated with traditional cold medications. Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients.


Ear Oil 1 oz.
by Kerry's Herbals

Contains garlic and grapefruit seed extract which are natural antimicrobials, calendula which has mild antibacterial and analgesic properties, and mullein which is soothing and helps eliminate fluid build-up.


Gummy Oil 1 oz.
by Kerry's Herbals

Gummy Oil is made from clove oil which is a well-known soother for sore gums, and valerian and chamomile which are both good for their calming and pain-relieving properties. Avoid ingestion.


Miracle Salve 2 oz.
by Kerry's Herbals

This salve has been used for everything, including bug bites, chicken pox, cuts, scrapes, burns, hemorrhoids and healing perineal tissue, sore nipples, localized infections, corneal abrasions and more.


Vapor Salve 2 oz.
by Kerry's Herbals

Made from essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and thyme, in an olive oil and beeswax base. It's wonderful for congested chests and sinuses. Dab a little just inside the nostrils, or rub it on your chest. Avoid mouth and eyes.





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